I Quit My Job

Two months ago I quit my job to start my own business. This is the second time I’ve done this and my first attempt failed miserably.

In November of 2017 I resigned my position as a business manager for a chiropractic clinic to start a web development company. I was fresh out of school and eager to put my skills to the test. That dream ended 9 months later in a complete failure. I had to take multiple low paying jobs and temp work to dig out of the hole I created. The lessons I learned from the failure though will be exactly what I need to thrive this time around.

There are several reasons I believe this time around will be different.

  • I’ve honed my skillset and have real world experience building the product I want to create.
  • I understand what I don’t know or will need to get help with.
  • I have an idea for a business and an opportune market to test it.
  • I already have an exit plan and the advantages I’ll gain mapped out if this business doesn’t work out.
  • The dream of entrepreneurship hasn’t gone away, but only gotten stronger.

The business idea:

Have you ever gone to a food cart pod and wanted to order from multiple places? To do that it would take standing in line at multiple places or calling ahead. How many food carts just let the phone ring because they are too busy to answer it? When will your order be ready?

I’m working on a system for food cart pods to sell their food from one website. The idea being that a family or group could put in one collective order, pay for it, and receive food products from businesses that are not actually from the same company. It then becomes a marketplace for food, but with streamlined ease of use.

It’s an ambitious project that will take me the better part of the next year to build. I have some small investments that hopefully will sustain me during this time, but financing this project is going to be a problem I will need to solve along the way.

Next steps are getting a business license. Starting an LLC. Laying the groundwork of the product itself.

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