E-mail Marketing

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Reach out to the masses with E-mail Marketing

Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing strategies.  This is because email is a platform-independent, invitational, and accessible. 

E-mail Marketing is Platform Independent

Email is not connected to any individual company or service platform.  Google, Microsoft, Facebook, or Amazon do not own the email technology.  This means that changes they make to their policies will not affect your business strategies. (YouTube community guidelines for example!)  

E-mail Marketing is Invitational

Email is invitational.  With the current anti-spam laws it is permissible to send unsolicited emails, but they are liable to be marked as spam.  Too many emails marked as spam and you will be blacklisted.  Therefore, almost all reputable email platforms enforce an invitational or opt-in policy. 
The beauty of this approach is that your users are giving you explicit permission to send them marketing.  Therefore, your emails are targeted to people who have self-identified as being interested in your service. They can always opt-out or unsubscribe and you no longer have to consider them in your marketing efforts.

E-mail Marketing is Accessible

Lastly, email is accessible.  There are 50 billion emails in existence and almost everyone has access to and checks their email. Email gives you access to their inbox.  Mobile technology lets you get your email in front of their eyes almost instantly.  It is your foot in the door and you can keep sticking your foot in the door every day or week until they are ready to buy.  


We advocate setting up email campaigns with the idea of nurturing your users from their first engagement with your brand to coming to your ranch for a course.  
Creating a campaign is an involved process that requires thinking through each stage of communication.  However, once the process is detailed out: every lead will receive a step by step guide to nurture them through the sales process. 


Timothy Hill | Digital Seeds Development

Author: Tim Hill

Tim is the senior web developer for the nation's largest thought leadership firm. He loves to develop custom plugins, automation, and integrate systems across a wide variety of services. 

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